About Us

Feb & May Integrated Concept Limited was incorporated in 2014 with registration number (RC NO: 1223190) and has experienced unprecedented growth in the Nigerian business industry. The company is an independent company, which was formed and owned 100% by Nigerians.

With the objective of providing products, equipment, and materials to various customers within and outside Nigeria; specifically targeting leading independent and licensed product/service companies. Since the Company’s inception, the Company has attained the status of being the supplier of choice, due to the continuous effort to supply high quality products at low cost coupled with highly reliable service.

Unlike most of the suppliers, Feb & May Integrated Concept Ltd. utilizes multiple warehouses at any given time. This philosophy allows the Company to provide low cost products and service and ensure continuity of supply to its current and prospective customers.

The company has turnkey capabilities through expert network of strategic foreign technical partners. We also have established affiliations with reputable Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), thereby ensuring that all our products, materials and equipment are sourced directly from our network of licensed manufacturers. We understand the complexities and issues facing the industry, and our extensive experience together with strong grounding in the Nigerian culture and ways of conducting business mean we understand firsthand the many complex business issues, and are able to respond more quickly to ongoing requirements. We have quick access to international markets via our geographical spread and technology, together with access to international lines of credit.

With our vast experience cutting across several facets of the Nigerian industries, together with affiliations with a number of reputable foreign companies. Feb & May Integrated Concept Ltd. has the reach and means to deliver high quality products and services cost effectively and on-time to point of need.